I capture skies because I believe in the perspective of looking up.



In life, art and everything in between. Life is hard and the path is rarely clear. But the perspective of joy, the choice of joy, is one I have found makes all the difference in our circumstances. Where your eyes focus, there your heart will be as well. 

I fell in love with oil paint at an early age because of the ability to push the paint around the canvas. It allows me to incorporate the texture and movement of a storm rolling in or out; to add dimension to the waters and fields that support the skies. 

I piece my paintings together using my own photographs as inspiration. A sky may come from one place and the landscape, another. This is so I can incorporate a message I am trying to tell. 

My hope, when you view my work, is that you find a place of rest and healing. One in which you realize you are not alone. I write with most of my work to close the gap in our lives of feeling isolated. Words have power and, with the touch of paint, I believe it brings together the perspective of joy.



Musings from the Studio - the Blog

As you all may guess, I work from my studio. It gives me a lot of time to think, listen to music and podcasts, and read (audio, of course). Every one of these avenues for noise leads back to more thinking. So, I want to share these thoughts on the everyday with you. Maybe even new places to visit and some of my simple loves; a gathering around the table of sorts. My sincere hope in all of it, though, is that I add refreshment to your life. And mine, for that matter. We could all use a little more, right?
Let's start the conversation and see where it goes.   



Commission Information

©Alex Finch Photography

©Alex Finch Photography

I love and welcome commissions. I enjoy the chance to create something that has touched your soul and heart. I love your story. Please reach out if you have an idea. I can recreate your memories in watercolor or oil. My only request is that the image be your own. I do not recreate another artist's work.


Available Works