Oil and watercolor paintings for those who need rest on the journey.



Capturing your memories one brush stroke at a time.


Joy is a choice, not a feeling-- one that we make every day of our lives. Life can be difficult. It does not go as planned. There is pain, struggles, suffering and disappointments, but we have the choice to not let that define us but to empower us. To use those stories to encourage someone else. I find that we rarely have something happen to us that cannot be used for a greater purpose. Continue reading...

Customer Testimonial

I’ve had two pieces done by Margalena Lepore Studios, and both have brought divine life and joy to my own dreams and desires. The passion and ethic for her craft not only shines through her work, but though her everyday life as well.
— Collins Woods, Private Chef for Southern Ground and Founder of The Fellowship Company
The Desk Art and cards are beautiful and inspired works. They make great gifts and keepsakes for special occasions when spirits are soaring or for sick family and friends and all the other times when the spirit needs a little lift.
— Donald Black